Advantages of Mini Dental Implants

Advantages of Mini Dental Implants

When it comes to dental implants, bigger doesn't always mean better. In fact, mini dental implants, despite their small size, can provide some big advantages to help improve your oral health. 

At the private practice of Robert F. Wilcox, DMD, our entire oral surgery team is committed to providing top-notch dental care to our patients in Butte, Montana. That’s why Dr. Wilcox selected mini dental implants to help address various oral health problems. 

If you’re missing a tooth or are experiencing an oral health issue that has you contemplating a dental implant, keep reading as we explore the benefits of mini implants and how they effectively solve some common dental issues.

Key advantages of mini dental implants

Unlike traditional implants, mini dental implants are narrower in diameter, measuring less than 3mm. While both types of implants consist of a titanium screw inserted into the bone, mini implants feature a ball-shaped protrusion instead of a thread. 

This design difference allows for less invasive placement techniques, resulting in a shorter insertion time. Moreover, mini implants offer several key advantages compared to traditional implants, including:

In addition, mini dental implants often cost less than traditional dental implants. 

Other benefits of mini dental implants 

Mini dental implants are capable of addressing significant dental problems while providing support for various tooth replacement options. More specifically, mini implants offer several key benefits for dentures, bridges, and fixed crowns. 

Mini implants can stabilize dentures 

For many years, dentures were the go-to choice to replace missing teeth. But one drawback was their tendency to slip or move out of place. Mini dental implants can effectively stabilize dentures, ensuring they remain secure and preventing discomfort or embarrassment.

Mini implants are more durable than bridges

Dental bridges connect replacement teeth between two adjacent permanent teeth. But bridges can be challenging to clean and, therefore, can compromise the health of your natural surrounding teeth.

Mini dental implants offer a more durable alternative. They provide a stable foundation for bridges — without compromising the health of adjacent teeth — improving your oral health in two ways: replacing missing teeth and helping you keep your natural teeth longer. 

Mini implants address severe damage crowns alone cannot

Dentists use fixed crowns — crowns placed on your natural teeth — to cover damaged teeth. But we can’t use a fixed crown when your natural tooth is significantly damaged

If your tooth has extensive decay or damage, a mini dental implant provides a long-lasting solution. After placing the mini implant, Dr. Wilcox attaches a permanent crown, restoring the appearance and function of the missing tooth.

Candidates for mini dental implants

Mini dental implants offer many advantages, but they aren’t right for everyone. To determine if mini dental implants are the right solution for your dental problems, Dr. Wilcox assesses your teeth and jawbone.

People with insufficient vertical bone in their jaw or those who have experienced significant bone loss may not be suitable candidates for mini implants. Additionally, people who chronically grind their teeth may benefit from an alternative solution, since persistent grinding can wear down the mini implants prematurely.

Are you ready to learn if mini dental implants are the right solution for your dental needs? Schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Wilcox at our Butte, Montana, office and take the first step toward a healthier and more confident smile.

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