Ask Your Dentist These Questions At Your Next Cleaning

Ask Your Dentist These Questions At Your Next Cleaning

Having a routine dental cleaning can follow a pattern: You go in, sit down, get your cleaning, and unless there's a problem, you leave with an appointment scheduled for six months. But what if you could make that visit work harder for your dental health?

At the private dental practice of Robert F. Wilcox, DMD, in Butte, Montana, we want to empower patients to leave with not only a cleaner smile but also more knowledge and understanding about their oral health.

Understanding the state of your dental health, potential risks, and how to improve your oral care routine can have long-lasting benefits. 

We know that the key lies in asking the right questions. By engaging with us, you can turn your routine visit into a personalized one-on-one tutorial about your oral health. 

We’ve created this post with a list of key questions to help you prepare before your next visit.  

How is my overall dental health?

Understanding your oral health status fully can motivate you to continue good practices or make necessary adjustments. As such, this question serves as a conversation starter about your oral hygiene, the health of your teeth and gums, and your overall dental care routine. 

It's an invitation for Dr. Wilcox to provide a comprehensive overview of your dental health, including any areas of concern or commendation. The discussion generated by this question can reveal valuable insights about your oral hygiene practices and their effectiveness. 

It also serves as an invitation for Dr. Wilcox to offer personalized advice, tailored to your specific needs, so you can better maintain or improve your dental health. 

Am I at risk for any dental diseases?

Knowing your risk factors for dental diseases empowers you to take specific steps toward mitigating them, ensuring your smile remains healthy for years to come.

By asking about your risk for dental diseases, you're essentially showing interest in the future of your oral health. This question prompts us to evaluate your current dental situation in the context of potential issues like gum disease, tooth decay, or oral cancer.

Being proactive not only demonstrates your commitment to maintaining your dental health but also helps Dr. Wilcox tailor his advice and treatment plans while making it more likely you’ll stick with them. 

What can I do better when it comes to oral care?

No matter how thorough your oral care routine might be, there's always room for improvement. This question signifies your willingness to adapt and improve for the sake of your dental health. 

By asking this question, you also open up the discussion about potential enhancements to your daily practices. This could be as simple as adopting a new brushing technique or trying a different toothpaste, or as involved as incorporating new tools into your routine.

Personalized advice from us can significantly affect your oral health. Asking this question provides an opportunity to refine your routine with professional guidance so you're caring for your teeth and gums as effectively as possible.

How often should I really come in for dental checkups?

General guidelines from the American Dental Association suggest everyone have biannual dental visits. But this is merely a broad recommendation, and individual visit cadences vary based on your specific oral health needs.  

Asking this question is about tailoring the frequency of your dental checkups to your specific health requirements. It acknowledges that optimal dental care is not one size fits all, but rather, a personal undertaking.

Dr. Wilcox can provide a recommendation based on your personal oral health status, history, and risk factors. This ensures that your dental care is as efficient and effective as possible, tailored to support your dental health needs.

Learn more about dental care by talking to your dentist

We recognize the importance of a personalized approach to dental care. Dr. Wilcox and our team are committed to providing you with the care you need, and we want to engage in conversations with you about your oral health.

The next time you’re in for a cleaning, remember that your appointment is an opportunity for more than just a tooth polishing. It’s a chance to ask questions and gain insights into your dental health. 

Reach out to us at our Butte, Montana, office to schedule your next visit, and learn more about your oral health.

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